Our pricing

We've established pricing for our customers with diverse needs.  Whether you are in need of a basic cleaning or want those extras performed to treat contaminated areas or protect your carpet from future spills, we have a package that is right for you and your budget.

Choose what to add to your carpet cleaning package from the list below: 

  • $45 per room (10'x14' area)  (Green solutions available upon request)
  • Add $5 per room PLUS Deep Steam Vapor
  • Vacuuming $5-$15 per room
  • Steps are considered an area at $45 ($50 w/steam vapor) up to 16 steps including landings
  • Hallways $15-$25
  • Typically, there is no extra charge for excessive soiling

Call us at 540-793-4517 to book your carpet cleaning.

Our cleaning process includes our Deep Pro Extraction with the option of injecting Pure Steam Vapor into your carpet proven to destroy 99.9% of bacteria, viruses, germs, ringworm, fleas etc.  Customers love our Deep Pro methods because of the tremendous amount of impediments and hair that are removed in addition to producing exceptionally clean carpet!  The amount of water introduced into your carpet using our low moisture and steam vapor approach is minimal ensuring quick dry times and predictable results as it dries.

  Variable vacuuming prices apply when debris must be picked up before vacuuming is possible, abundance of hair and impediments, and also when excessive buildup exists along edges. 
Additional charges may be incurred for removing red stains, excessive gum, rust, paint, etc.  Usually, an additional charge is not necessary and is only required when significant time and effort is need to restore carpet.   Estimates available upon inspection.



Pet treatment

Pet treatment is one of our specialties as we have restored many carpets for apartment communities we manage.  The picture above is a typical example of pet hair that cannot be seen nor extracted with just a vacuum.  In addition to extracting hair which contributes to odors and bacteria growth, there are times when a treatment of areas where accidents have occurred and perhaps a treatment of all carpeted areas where pets have inhabited is in order. 

For extreme cases where prevailing odors are a problem, the carpet will need to be lifted, padding replaced, and possibly the subfloor will need to be sealed.  Pricing varies and is available upon inspection.

Blue Ridge Expect Pet Treatment

STAGE 1 - $45 urine eliminator added to cleaner as insurance against reactivating strong bacteria in urine; spot treatment included.  

upholstery pricing

  • Sectionals $125
  • Couches $90
  • Love Seats $75
  • Recliners $45-$65
  • Chairs $8-$25


In addition to carpet cleaning we also clean wood, tile, and linoleum.

  • Wood floors $45 per room (Deep clean, conditioning & polishing). Extra $20 per room for gloss finish applied.
  • Tile (0.70 per sq ft)
  • Linoleum $45 per room
  • $90 minimum charge to cover travel and setup time.

Credit cards, checks, cash, paypal, venmo accepted (service charge applied for credit)