Apartment restoration

We rarely see carpets this difficult in homes but these can be fairly commonplace among rentals.  Here are two carpets on different properties that demonstrate what a little low moisture muscle can produce.  Both carpets suffered from similar types of high traffic wear that was the result of walking off of the parking lot directly onto the carpet.  In both instances there was nothing else to wipe off the tar and grime.

A closer look at low moisture

Below are two greatly magnified pictures we took of carpet we cleaned.  You can see in the first picture that the soiling is deep down into the fibers and just on top of the jute or carpet backing.  Look at the results after we used two stand alone technologies to remove the staining down deep into the carpet.  Our Deep Pro Extraction cleaning process reaches down to the root of the fibers!

pet cleanup

Below is a fairly severe pet project that really turned out well given that we didn't have to even replace the padding.  A lot depends on the type of animal, it's age, diet, size, etc. that dictates the success and extent of a cleanup.  Fortunately, we were able to avoid additional costs associated with padding replacement and just used Blue Ridge Expect and a thorough cleaning to make this room livable again.

Commercial carpet

This was an area that I wasn't hired to clean but a rep asked me to see what I could do with it as it had been there a while and continued to get worse.  We both were very pleased with the results.

the stuff you never see

In the gallery pics below are examples of the grit, sand, hair, and impediments your vacuum cannot extract from beautiful homes just like this one.  It's amazing what we extract from even a tightly weaved berber carpet like the first picture shown below.