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A Deep Sanitizing Clean With Quick Dry Times

"This company is amazing!  Much lower prices and quicker turnaround than the bigger/national companies ...  I highly recommend them!"  Seasons Customer

Low Moisture 

Optional Deep Steam To Destroy Mites, Fleas, Larvae, Eggs, Roundworms, etc. 

Sanitize with steam vapor instead of hot water prevents over wetting and promotes healthy dry times!

1-3 Hours Dry Time

Deep Pro 6 Phase Extraction Process

Pet Treatment Specialists

$45 per room Quick Drying Sanitizing Clean

Commercial & Residential

Odor Treatment

Upholstery (Quick Drying Deep Steam Vapor)

Area Rugs


Deep Pro extraction

6 Phase Process

Prep * Prespray * Pro Extraction * Neutralize Extraction * Dry Pass * Grooming

A micro look at a deep set stain we completely removed.  Our cleaning process really goes


Available with Sanitizing Low Moisture Deep Steam


Deep Cleaning * Quick Drying * Affordable (only $45 - add $5 per room for Deep Steam Vapor added for elimination of mites, larvae, fleas, roundworms, etc.) * Safe Solutions


We Get It Clean

Get It Dry

And Manage The ph ...

the ph is critical

Serving The Roanoke Valley Since 2005

what Your vacuum is leaving behind

We continue to be astounded when extracting vast amounts of impediments and hair that have built up and lodged in carpets for years at a time!  As part of our cleaning process, our Shaws Industry approved technology goes safely deep into your carpet pile to extract unsightly debris left behind by your vacuum.  Our technology has success recovering matter a vacuum fails to recover because we first lubricate the carpet with prespray which allows us to go much deeper into the pile. 

Here's a  picture of some hair that a furry family member left behind for us to walk on and smell.  You would never know it was in there until extracted by our technology.  We use this technology on every carpet we clean whether it's berber or cut pile.  Chances are good there is something hiding in your carpet that you did not know was there.  It can be a hairy process, but we are glad to get it out for you!

dry carpet in hours

Our cleaning process has been developed to utilize technologies from several different carpet cleaning approaches.  The result is a method that breaks up and removes the toughest high traffic stains, extracts lodged impediments and hair, and best of all leaves the carpet nearly dry even after prespray and neutralizing.  

The Seasons method for carpet cleaning uses emulsifying agents (prespray), deep steamagitation, neutralization, and deep extraction that our customers have grown to love.  Best of all our cleaned carpets are drying in (1-3) hours not days! 

This is a sample of what your carpet will look like when finished.  Soft, clean, nearly dry, and simply beautiful!

Why carpets don't look/stay clean long after the cleaning

There are primarily two reasons your carpets don't look good soon after being professionally cleaned ...

  1. It's possible the carpet was simply not thoroughly cleaned to begin with even though it looked clean
  2. The ph was not reset to neutral; often a step that is skipped due to time and expense

It is often necessary to use high alkaline prespray for synthetic carpet and acidic solutions for wool.  Applying a typical prespray (necessary to emulsify or break up the dirt for extraction) will move the once neutral ph in a logarithmic direction of say a ph level of 10-12 that cannot be neutralized with just water.  This is because the correct emulsifying solutions can be thousands of times more alkaline and must be treated with a counteracting acid rinse that will bring the ph back down to a neutral value of 7-8 range. 

Carpet cleaned correctly will feel soft and residue free.  You should want to take your socks off to walk on it!  When the ph is not set to neutral, the carpet will contain a sticky residue that will attract dirt and cause rapid resoiling.

This is why we at Seasons always take an extra pass over your carpet to ensure your ph is neutral and your carpet will remain clean for many months to come!

Why Low Moisture

We used to have anxious moments planning where the hoses were going to be dragged through your home.  Always the worry about dinging up furniture and walls, or furry critters escaping, or weather getting into your home, or long dry times, or odors developing during those dry times (especially in basements) ... etc.

The Seasons low moisture approach takes all those worries away and can be implemented with very little interruption to life in your home.  Shortly after we've finished, you'll be able to walk safely on it with indoor shoes.  It is wonderful to clean this way and get such amazing results.  

Perhaps that's one of the best assurances that your carpet will be professionally cleaned to the highest standards - we really enjoy what we do!

Our methods

There's nothing easy about getting carpet clean, dry, and keeping it that way for many months to come.  Carpet cleaning requires time, patience, expertise, and technology.  We've been cleaning carpets throughout the Roanoke Valley since 2005 and only use the very best methods for ensuring your carpet is deep cleaned, nearly dry, and neutralized to prevent rapid resoiling. 

It has taken years to perfect a cleaning approach that our customers have really come to enjoy!  Two stand-alone low moisture cleaning technologies mastering the art of extracting hair and sediment are what we use coupled with the very best emulsifiers to extract and clean your carpet like never before.  We also offer the proven benefits of Pure Steam Vapor which kills 99.9% of all germs, bacteria, and viruses found in your carpet.  Because our techniques are low moisture and steam vapor only (not hot water) we will get your carpets wet but we won't soak them. 

Best of all, your carpet will be ready for use only hours after we leave - not days! 

call for quote

We can give you an accurate quote right over the phone and it will always follow our pricing page found on this website.  While we offer carpet protectant, pet treatment, smoke and odor removal, we have found that most people know what they want and that is usually just exceptionally clean carpet. 

That comes with our basic and most affordable price of just $45 per area (approx. 10'x14') add $5 per area for Deep Steam Vapor.